Become a subcommitee volunteer


All subcommittees are seeking volunteers to ensure the continued delivery of outstanding events, exciting new exhibits and overall a great annual Show.


This is a wonderful opportunity to join a motivated band of volunteers, have fun and help make the Society’s events a success.


The Society welcome’s people from all walks of life who may be able to offer some of their time.


Please contact the chief steward or chair of the subcommittee directly or the Secretary for further information.

Become a catering volunteer


if you are interested in helping our Catering Committee we would love to hear from you....the catering ladies are looking for volunteers to assist at upcoming events and are seeking more helpers !


If you can spare any time to help out please contact Loretta Williams, Chair of the Catering subcommittee via email at grchickenlegs@bigpond.com



The Show Secretary


Ph: 07 4681 2107


Email: secretary@stanagsociety.com.au