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Any person may, by being duly nominated by a current financial member and having their nomination accepted at a General Committee Meeting, and by payment of the annual subscription to the Secretary, be duly constituted a member and have all the rights and privileges of membership.


The Stanthorpe Agricultural Society's membership year is equivalent to a calendar year, being 1 January to 31 December. 



Membership to the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society affords the member the following privileges: ​

  1. Admission to grounds for duration of the show for adult members upon production of membership badges

  2. Admission of member's children (under 18 years) when accompanied by a current member.
  3. Admission for horse or vehicle to the grounds.

  4. The right to vote at the annual or any special general meeting.

  5. The Stanthorpe Agricultural Society has entered into a reciprocal arrangement with Warwick, Tenterfield, Killarney and Allora Show Societies whereby a ticket issued by one Society entitles the holder to free admission t0 the annual show at any of the reciprocal shows.


Find out about membership benefits and privileges, current membership fees, the membership year and payment and badge collection arrangements. 


Select the button below to be taken directly to the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society's membership application form.