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Management committee

The role of the management committee and its subgoups is to manage the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society and the Stanthorpe Showgrounds in a manner that meets the objectives of the constitution and in accordance with other forms of legislation that applies to these activities. 


The subgroups of the management committee are:


  • Office bearers

  • Appointed positions

  • Executive

  • General committee

  • Administration team


Office bearers


The elected office bearer positions  are elected at the annual AGM. 


The current positions are:


  • President 

  • 3 Vice presidents

  • Treasurer 

  • Chairman of committees

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General committee


The General committee comprises persons interested in the management of the show society and the showgrounds. 


The general committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month.


Persons indicate their wish to be on the general committee at the AGM. 

Networking Event



The Executive comprises the office bearers, the Secretary and past presidents.


The Executive meet on an 'as needed' basis as directed by the general committee. 

Appointed positions

  • Patron - Neville Bryant

  • Hon. Solicitor - Steve Sullivan

  • Hon. veterinary surgeon - Kirstin Widderick


Administration team


The Administration team largely comprises the Secretary and the volunteers and colleagues who work with her throughout the year and at peak times of activity.


They are responsible for the administrative operation of the show society.


The members are: 


  • Secretary - Brooke Summerville

  • Saleyard activities - Jenny Crossman

  • Bookkeeper - Debbie Hurtz




Brett Boatfield

0428 833 113


Vice president

Dee Booth


Vice president

Stephen Williams



Ian Sapsford

Chairman of committees

Michael Smail

0428 833 371