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Winner of the Wholsale Horsewear House M
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Pierpoint Phot 2011 Schedule
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Our committees


Our subcommittees are divided into THREE main groups: 

Management subcommittees


The management subcommittees responsible for the overall management of the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society and the showgrounds as a whole. The undertake their activities all throughout the year


They include:


  • Management committee (Office bearers, Executive, General committee and Administration)

  • Building and Maintenance subcommittee

  • Catering subcommittee (incl. Ringmaster's Cafe) 

  • Events Assessment Panel

  • Event Management subcommittee

  • Heritage subcommittee

  • Publicity and Marketing subcommittee

Information on these committees can be found on this website.



Subcommittees are committees under the Stanthorpe Agricultural Society who have their own structure and have major events throughout the year. These events can either be part of the Stanthorpe Show, or a separate event altogether held at a different time during the year.

They include: 


  • Campdraft and Rodeo subcommittee

  • Prime Cattle subcommittee

  • Wine subcommittee

  • Cookery subcommittee

  • Fine Arts subcommittee

  • Poultry subcommittee

  • Chainsaw subcommittee

  • Dressage subcommittee

  • Miss Show Girl subcommittee

  • Sheep Dog Trials subcommittee

  • Show Ball subcommittee

  • Stud Cattle subcommittee

  • Sheep and Wool subcommittee

  • Ring subcommittee

Information on these committees can be found at www.stanthorpeshowgrounds.com.au

Show display sections


Show display sections do not have a formal structure, and they usually only run their events or displays in conjunction with the annual show.


They include: 


  • Animal nursery

  • Fibrecraft and handspun

  • Fruit and vegetable

  • Handcraft

  • Horticulture

  • Manual arts

  • Novelty dogs

  • Papercraft

  • Photography

  • Pottery and clay sculpture

  • School art

  • Stitchcraft

  • Woodchop

Information on these sections can be found at www.stanthorpeshowgrounds.com.au